Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The hell is wrong in here?

Sooo... I'm making this post now just to express my "Thoughts" about something.

Well today(October 3, 2012) is actually the beginning of the implementation of the "Anti-cyber crime Law" or  the "RA10175" here in the Philippines. It is about banning cybersex, hacking, illegal shits and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... Good? Yes. But here is the catch. The "LIBEL" Part of the said law or the .

What does that mean? Well it means that a single fucking word you said might be used against you and earn you long years in prison. It means a single word, or comment you post in the internet; even if it is against or directed no one in general, might get you into some serious trouble because some asshole thinks that it is directed at him.

It also means that the criticism we do to the government might be the reason for us being sent to prison. It also means that the freedom of information might be abolished, because the first group of people that will be affected by this is the media. It also means that whatever it is we say just because we want change might be used against us because some narrow minded people thinks it's LIBEL.

But look at this...


It seems like, when it comes to their own benefits; some legislators forget about the highest law of the nation.

And the sad part here is that, some of the legislators who signed the bill said that the part of the "libel" shit was not there when they signed the fucki'n bill. What a load of BullShit!

So the answer some of us did was the ff:
1)A group of hackers called "Anonymous Philippines" Hacked some government websites.
2)News networks made petitions against the said law.
and 3)most of our profile pictures in facebook are now in black.


Sooo..... I wonder how in hell are they even going to do this crap. And I also wonder how long it'll take before I go to jail. But Like hell I will stop cussing on my posts.

The some of the people of this country has lost their minds... I really don't know why their doing this... But this is a clear example of taking someones freedom away. And here I thought that this is a democratic country.

...I know that every country has their own anti-cybercrime laws... But what the RA10175 says is just damn right brutal.

And if they thought what this post said was offensive... then sue me. And make the Filipino netizens' suspicions correct. But remember. It's only 2:33 am.....

-Acknowledgement to the Genius behind TANGINA THIS!